Electric Fence / Remote Monitoring, Alerts and other Add-ons

Unisource security systems are fully automated and you can manage their operation in any number of ways. In addition to the on-site control panel you can use any of these remote management solutions according to your needs.

Instant SMS alerts for your electric fence security system in Pakistan

Get instant SMS alerts for your electric fence security system

SMS Management and Alerts

Manage your Unisource security system with your mobile phone, wherever you are.

  • SMS Alerts in case of alarm or other event.
  • Get system status updates by sending SMS directly to your Unisource security system.
  • Manage you system vis SMS, turn it on or off as needed.
Internet and Email Alerts

Manage your security system via the Internet and get instant Email alerts

Web Management and Alerts

You can access and manage your security system via the Internet, using any computer or mobile device. Log in to your secure area and see live status of the system and manage it remotely.

  • Email alerts in case of Alarm or other event.
  • Secure web based system status monitoring and management.

Manage multiple sites from a single Security control center

Centralized Command Center

Multiple sites installed with Unisource security systems can be managed via a centralized command center. This is ideal for high-security and multi-national organizations. Get real-time status for all your sites in a single location.

Integration with CCTV and Other security systems

Unisource electric fence systems can be integrated with other security systems such as CCTV systems.