Unisource International was established in 1993 to cater to the industrial sector in Pakistan. For nearly two decades, we have been reliably delivering premium quality petroleum and related products throughout Pakistan. Located in Lahore, Multan and Karachi, Unisource International has a diversified distribution network of premium products that help the equipment owners overcome problems that result from difficulties with OIL, FUEL & AIR. Our business units are involved in import of lubricants, Specialty Products, Energy conversion kits, fuel conditioning & management & Contamination Control Solutions, their transportation, logistics, marketing and distribution.

After establishing Unisource International as the premier supplier of specialty chemicals in Pakistan we have expanded our business activities to include the supply, installation and maintenance of intelligent security systems.

Unisource Internaional is the authorized sole distributor for Stinger Electronics South Africa and proud to offer Stinger Perimeter Security Systems & Electric Fencing in Pakistan for residential, commercial, Industrial and High Security Installations. Stinger Electronics South Africa is a global leader in the development and installation of non-lethal perimeter electric security fence systems and their systems have been used all over the world to secure Prison, Industrial Facilities, High Security Installations, Large Residential Estates, Gold, Platinum & Diamond Mines and Power Plants (Multiple Eskom Sites, Producer of 45,000 MW electricity in South Africa)

Stinger systems are Pakistan’s solution for safety and security. Our systems are fully automated and do not rely on human actions. They are dependable and provide ultimate perimeter security by actively detecting and denying intruders. Stinger Security Systems are available to everyone and can be scaled from residential to Industrial & Defence installations of up to 50 kilometres long and more. Our promise is 24/7 monitoring and protection.