Electric Fence / Commercial and Industrial

An electric fence deters, detects, denies and defends your property. It is based on a strong psychological barrier that keeps away intruders by providing a very painful and disorientating but NON LETHAL shock which makes it impossible to climb the fence.

We provide Stinger Multi Zone electric fences for large commercial and industrial sites requiring a high level of security. In case of an alarm, the armed response team has an accurate indication of the exact location of the problem. Stinger electric fences can be easily integrated into your existing security systems.

Unisource International’s electric fence systems are Pakistan’s solution for safety and security. Our systems are fully automated and do not rely on human actions. They are dependable and provide ultimate perimeter security by actively deterring, detecting and denying intruders. We provide eclectic fencing and integrated security solutions for commercial and industrial sites. Our Multi Zone Stinger electric fence systems can scale up to 50 kilometres long and more.

Our team has received specialized training from South Africa and are uniquely qualified and skilled in designing custom security solutions based on your unique requirements and application. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Complete onsite Fencing Project Management.
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of Intelligent non-lethal perimeter electric fence systems
  • Integration of existing security infrastructure like surveillance cameras, security lights & alarm systems to complement each other
  • Mobile notification and alerts on any GSM network
  • On-site training of Customer Staff
  • Maintenance agreement & management

For more details and to request a customized quote along with a sales demonstration, please provide your information at the contact us page.