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Lubricants & Maintenance Products

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Complete range of Industrial Lubricants & Specialty solvents, coolants and industrial cleaners. Our product offerings include both mineral and synthetic lubricants & fluids imported or purchased from the manufacturer in their original packing. Our popular brands include ConocoPhillips ® , Kluber Summit ® , Citgo ® Petroleum Corporation, OEM Global ® USA , Service Pro Products ® and Easy Bar ® Lubricants.

Our Offerings Include:

  • HEAVY-DUTY ENGINE OILS (Diesel, Gasoline & Gas)
  • REFRIGERATION, COMPRESSOR OILS (Mineral / Synthetic for Air & Natural Gas)
  • GEAR & BEARING LUBRICANTS (Mineral & Synthetic)
  • GREASES (High Temp, Slow/High Speed, EP, Non Melt, Moly & Synthetics)
  • ANTI-FREEZE / COOLANTS (Normal & Heavy Duty/Extended Life, EC-1)
  • FOOD GRADE LUBRICANTS (NSF registered. Synthetic & Mineral)
  • SPECIALITY PRODUCTS (Solvents, Additives, Industrial Cleaners)

All products sold by us are supplied in their original packing. For detailed literature, please Contact Us.

Contamination Control Products

From the time oil, fuel & air enters your facility to the end of its usage, our contamination control solutions will:

  • Extend the life of your machinery
  • Decrease your downtime
  • Save you hundreds of thousands of rupees

Solutions for Air Cleanliness:

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Turbo Pre-cleaners remove upto 98% of dust, dirt, rain & snow in air before it reaches the machine air filter. Air filter life can be extended by 8 to 10 times, while saving fuel, maximizing power & extending Machine life and oil drain interval. Suitable for:

  • Generators
  • Air Compressors
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Earth Moving Machinery

Please visit http://www.turboprecleaner.com for further info.

Solutions for Lubricant Cleanliness:

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Harvard Filter is an ultra-fine filtration system provides the best possible protection against system wear, oil degradation, Oxidation & Nitration By-products, Rust and Water. Working in conjunction with the OEM full flow filter, it offers significant benefits such as:

  • Extension of Oil Drain and Filter Change Intervals
  • An improvement of Oil cooling
  • An increase of filtration quality and so an extension of the engine life
  • An increase in the fluid system capacity
  • An efficient removal of small particle and soot
  • Reduced cost of oil and full flow filters
  • Less wear (up to 90%)
  • 1-3 Micron filtration
  • 100% water removal

Suitable for Engines, Transmissions, Hydraulic Systems, Gear Boxes, Turbines, Compressors, Transformers, Cutting & Grinding Oils, Coolants & More.

Please visit http://www.harvardcorp.com for further info.

Fuel Re-Conditioning, Filtration & Water Separation Systems

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  •  Reversal of fuel deterioration process by optimizing fuel quality by converting the sludge back into quality burnable fuel
  • Petroleum Coke & Deposits Elimination
  • Prevention of Gel Formation in Winter
  • Reduced harmful emissions & deposits
  • Substantial Fuel Economy with extended engine maintenance and filter change intervals
  • Additives for Diesel, Gasoline & Heavy Furnace Oil (HFO)

Dual Fuel Conversions

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In 2003, Unisource International entered into agreement with ECI® USA as its sole distributor to market its World Leading Natural Gas retrofit Conversion Technology in Pakistan.  ECI® offers a full range of Natural Gas Conversion solutions for Diesel Engines ranging in size from 150 KW right up to 6000 KW.

Unisourse International has USA factory trained qualified Personnel to ensure that each conversion performs at optimum efficiency.

Please visit http://www.energyconversions.com for further info.