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Unisource International is proud to offer state-of-the-art intrusion detection systems in Pakistan. Our solutions effectively and reliably detect and deter acts of intrusion and protect your property. Unisource International has been been providing valuable industrial services for over 20 years in Pakistan. For further details about Unisource International please click here.

The scope of our security services is highlighted here.

Electric Fence Systems for Perimeter Security

Unisource Security - Electric Fence Systems

An electric fence deters, detects, denies and defends your property. It is based on a strong psychological barrier that keeps away intruders by providing a very painful and disorientating but NON LETHAL shock which makes it impossible to climb the fence.

  • Deters: physical and psychological barrier
  • Detects: automated alarm in case of breach attempt.
  • Denies: strong and painful yet non-lethal shock to the perpetrator
  • Defends: round the clock automated operation, even in extreme power outages and severe weather conditions

To find out more about electric fences and their working please visit this page.

Unisource Electric Fence Solutions

Designed to meet your specific requirements.


Business and Industrial

  • Reliable security for your business, factory and warehouse.
  • Automated, round the clock protection.
  • Single or Multi-zone systems.
  • Integrate with CCTV or other security system.
  • Optional SMS and email monitoring and alerts.

High Security and Government

  • Fully Automated detection and alarm.
  • Best Perimeter defense to augment your security setup.
  • Multi-zone systems identify exact location of alarm.
  • Optional Command Center management and monitoring.

Remote Management and Alerts

We provide optional SMS and Internet based management and monitoring modules.  Please visit this page

Other Add-ons

Our systems can be integrated with existing CCTV setup. Please contact us for further details.

Technology Partners

Unisource is proud to work in collaboration with word renowned international and local security systems manufactures. We choose only the best products to provide you with reliable security solutions.

Optical Fiber based Intrusion Detection and Surveillance

Unisource is proud to offer the Optellios FiberPatrol® systems for the first time in Pakistan.