• Home Security Solutions

    Protect your Home

    • Active Deterence
    • Automated Detection
    • Local and Remote Alarm
  • Industrial and Warehousing Security

    Commercial & Industrial

    • Fully automated security system.
    • Not impaired by extreme darkness, dense fog, torrential rains.
    • No false alarms even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Lubricants and Industrial Chemicals

    Lubricants & Industrial Chemicals


Security Systems

State of the Art, Imported Electric Fence Systems for Home Security, Industrial, Warehousing and High Security applications.



Worlds most trusted brands for Lubricants and Industrial Solutions.

Security Solutions

Let our experts design a solution customized to your unique requirements. After all, nothing matters more than your safety and security, whether it’s your home, farmhouse or business.

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  • It comforts me now that I'm protected!
    Hassan Rizvi, Home Owner
  • A high security project completed in record time by Unisource's professional team.
    Ministry of Defence, Pakistan